Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Antarctica Proper

Sailed back out to sea and around Adelaide Island at night, in morning back to land, near Horseshoe Island – first landing/kayaking. Thirty seconds after getting into a kayak, tipped over and had to get fished out – kayaks not all that stable! Went back in after getting new pair of gloves, no more tipping the rest of the day. Ended up ~15 feet away from a pair of Humpback whales right at the end! Afternoon – switch to a shore excursion. Lunch – first time properly hungry for a meal on board after work out and swim… Afternoon: Stonington Island – gorgeous views of mountains and icebergs reflecting in glassy still water in the bay at first (including some amazing icebergs), then on land to visit with some Adelie penguins and Weddell seals (a pair of Crabeater seals on a piece of ice in the bay). Remains of a couple of old research stations – seems like a miserable place to spend 30 months! Americans left some rusted out tanks behind?

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