Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Halfmoon Bay and Deception Island

Halfmoon landing – first big chinstrap colony, plus a bunch of fur seals. Spectacular rock spires all over the island. A whole lot more uncleaned up equipment strewn around. Seas looking a bit rough, so probably for the best to not go kayaking. Spend a better part of the landing listening to Conor and Kieran discuss cricket…
Afternoon: long sail to Deception Island waiting for another expedition to clear out first. Offers a picturesque sight upon arrival – sailing into the center of a volcano. A little steam coming off the water near the shore . Hike up to “Neptune’s Window” on shore, passing a bunch of fur seals lounging and playing around, remnants of the old whaling station, and the last three or four penguins to be seen on the trip… Whaling stuff, all rusted out , seems a little depressing after seeing all the whales on the trip.
Before getting back on the ship, it’s time for a bath. Due to the volcano, water here marginally warmer than normal, so bring your bathing suit! Lots of people, including some of the older passengers go in. A few go in twice(!). I got plenty of it during a ~15 second dip. Refreshing… Katy and Sarah go for a second dip… sans bathing suits. Hank had started the skinny-dipping tradition a minute earlier.

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