Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Ushuaia, Argentina: a bus from pier to the ship

As Ushuaia is mostly comprised of narrow one way streets, the bus actually goes a couple of kilometers from the parking lot to the ship. The actual distance is probably about 500m … and they did collect all the luggage in the morning. This is all about simply keeping the tourists organized. There are four ships in port – our Akademik Ioffe, flying its Russian flag, and looking every bit like an actual polar research ship, the Clipper, another Quark-chartered ship that doesn’t look quite so Russian-ly sturdy and ready for the ice, a real, large cruise ship, which, I imagine, goes to the Falklands and nowhere South of there. South Georgia maybe? And finally, a ship sporting a Brazilian flag that looks more like a cargo vessel, but is bringing some passengers on board… and has two helicopters sitting in the back – that bit makes it rather interesting…

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