Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Ushuaia, Argentina: Los Acebos hotel shuttle bus to town

Speaking of getting into town, the Los Acebos does provide a shuttle to town that makes 5-6 trips daily, saving you that $5 cab ride. Ushuaia itself isn’t much of a city – there’s one main street and a boardwalk in front of the dock. The one main street specializes in selling souvenirs. And fairly expensive food (Oliver notes that prices have gone up since his last trip 4 years ago). There’s a not so interesting, graffiti-covered lookout point at one end of the town, overlooking a skateboard park… and a nearby grocery store, which specializes in 2.70 peso boxes of wine and 10 peso bottles of vodka ($1 USD = 3.30 peso) – we stocked up!

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