Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Ushuaia, Argentina

Ushuaia, Tierre del Fuego – Fin del Mundo. There’s not much public transportation in the “Southernmost City in the World” (not to be confused with Chile’s somewhat smaller “southernmost town in the world”), so from airport to Los Acebos, Warrick and Mary (a Kiwi couple I ran into in the overly-crowded Ushuaia arrival lounge, which isn’t designed to handle two simultaneous airplane arrivals, who were doing the same Quark trip) piled into a taxi, along with myself, and we bounced along up a hill (and up mostly paved roads) to the Los Acebos hotel, where, lo and behold, Oliver was hanging out! Oliver and I took a couple more cab rides around town, visiting a mountain-side glacier and getting to/from town. Los Acebos is quite nice, but I would’ve preferred a hotel actually in town, I think.

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