Wednesday, May 5, 2010

back in the Drake

It’s rocking again… Feeling find in the morning, dizzy and noxious after thirty minutes in front of a computer. After skipping breakfast and lunch, give up and switch to “better living through chemistry” by taking a pill for sea sickness – works remarkably well. Enjoyable dinner, then play cards = “Chairman Mao” till 1AM. A bit more subdued than the night before when we were finishing my bottle of Argentinean vodka and 5.50 peso wine till 4AM (only 2:30 for me). Or the till 4AM birthday celebration for Marlese a couple days ago… Missed a few presentations during the day (while remaining perfectly horizontal), saw the “Plight of the Albatross” in the afternoon – poor, poor, unfortunate, very stupid bird!

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