Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Neko & Danco

Highlight of the day: a really curious Minke Whale that hung around for a long time by the ship and the zodiacs right as we were leaving.
Morning: cruise around Neko – not too spectacular, but quite cold. Get on land after – lots of Gentoo penguins that are really bad at walking… A climb up a hill to witness an ice shelf calving into the bay – dramatically spectacular. A tidal wave follows… Neko is mainland!
Afternoon: Danco Island starting with spectacular cruise all around, multiple humpback sightings and amazing icebergs in perfectly still water. On island, lots more penguins – at the top, nests with little baby chicklets recently hatched… facing very long odds of survival given how late they’re born, but cute to look at. Not allowed to take them home as dinner snacks… Slide down the hill to the bottom after more stunningly spectacular views all around from the top of the hill on the island.
Evening: a bit more celebrating of Marlese’s birthday… going later than I stayed up… Wonder how the Carolina game went…

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