Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Buenos Aires to Ushuaia, Argentina: LADE airlines

I should figure out what LADE actually stands for… it’s the military-run Argentinean airline that zips little airplanes all over the country, doesn’t assign seats, issues little coupons in place of boarding passes, doesn’t speak much English, but gets you there on time and in relative comfort, and quite cheaply… Also features another marginally necessary bus ride from terminal to airplane at the Buenos Aires airport.

Primary takeaway upon arrival in Ushuaia: I can’t believe my overnight bus -> plane (TACA) -> bus/boat -> plane (LADE) itinerary for Tamarindo to Ushuaia via San Jose, Montevideo, and Buenos Aires actually worked, and moreover it went off without a hitch! Actually, the biggest problem was that I kept getting places too early and had too much time to wait… Resulting in sight-seeing in Montevideo and catching the Superbowl in BA.

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